Eurythmy Therapy Association of Great Britain and Ireland

Welcome to the website of the Eurythmy Therapy Association. We are the professional Association for Eurythmy Therapists working in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Association is a voluntary body furthering and supporting the work of eurythmy therapy and eurythmy therapists throughout the British Isles. 

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The following are three short videos, which illustrate an eurythmy therapy session in practice.

Two video interviews with patients receiving eurythmy therapy.


Eurythmy was brought into being by the Austrian scientist and philosopher Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861 -1925) in the second decade of the 20th Century. First revealed as a new performing art of movement, its application in the realm of education soon followed. Some years later in 1921 following interest from a number of medical professionals, Dr Steiner indicated that through the metamorphosis of the gestures and movements of artistic eurythmy a therapeutic application was possible. Over the last 90 years, eurythmy therapy has further evolved and developed into a comprehensive movement therapy aiming to restore a state of health and wellbeing to all aspects of our being. From its early home in central Europe eurythmy therapy is now available in countries throughout the world. Further background information can be found  here.

More information on anthroposophical therapies and medicine

Eurythmy therapy is one of a number of therapies within anthroposophically extended medicine. For information on these please visit the website of  Anthroposophical Health and Social Care (AhASC) an  activity of the Medical Section in the British Isles. Along with other anthroposophical health professionals, the Association acknowledges itself to be a part of the  worldwide Medical Section  of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach in Switzerland.

Further information on Eurythmy

Further information on eurythmy in general may be found  here. For details of eurythmy as an art, in education and in social work please visit the website of the   Eurythmy Association  of Great Britain and Ireland.